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Our ideologies come with responsibility. In my neighborhood, to be against abortion means we have to figure out what to do when a fourteen-year-old girl gets pregnant. If we are really pro-life, we had better have some foster kids and teen moms living with us to prove it. I don’t want to just be an anti-abortion or anti-death person. I want to be pro-life. For far too long, we Christians have been known more by what we are against than by what we are for.

The above is from this blog, “What it means to be pro-life” by Shaine Claiborne.

My issue with belief is often that its adherents are so hellbent on pointing out how everyone is destroying their rights and freedoms that they lose sight of their goals and impose them on everyone.

Belief’s foundation is on “freewill”, yet the first group to remove freewill from others, is the group explaining that we have something called freewill.

We make up the words and the rules.

The freedoms that believers enjoy aren’t being removed. Believers must learn to share freedoms. Otherwise, freedom is just dumb.

And for that, I criticize.


It’s Wednesdog

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Tivo — Talulah’s Doberman boyfriend — and Talulah wanted to remind you that we’re still looking for Wednesdog and Caturday image submissions.

Below, Talulah’s searching the yard for your images.

Where’d they go, she asks.

Over and over.

It’s nauseating.

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Luis V. sings the hits

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When 2 + 2 = -2,013.

Mitch McConnell on Obama’s inaugural speech; “…it was basically a liberal agenda directed to an America we still believe is center right.” Really? Center right? So lemme get this straight, Obama won the White House (by >100 electoral votes and close to a 3 point spread), The Dems kept the Senate and made gains in Congress, support for gay marriage is higher than it’s ever beenbefore, more than 70% of the country favors keeping Roe v. Wade intact, yet we’re still center right? Delusional fool!!


I hear naked photos of you are going for a grand a pop

From Bloomberg:

Naked-Image Scanners to Be Removed From U.S. Airports

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will remove airport body scanners that privacy advocates likened to strip searches after OSI Systems Inc. (OSIS) couldn’t write software to make passenger images less revealing.

TSA will end a $5 million contract with OSI’s Rapiscan unit for the software after AdministratorJohn Pistole concluded the company couldn’t meet a congressional deadline to produce generic passenger images, agency officials said in interviews.

OSI Systems Inc.'s Rapiscan Backscatter

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee, center, is scanned during a demonstration of the Rapiscan Backscatter advanced imaging technology machine at Logan International airport in Boston on March 5, 2010. Photographer: Michael Fein/Bloomberg

Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) — Peter Kant, executive vice president of OSI Systems Inc.’s Rapiscan Systems Inc. division, talks about the impact of U.S. defense budget changes on the company’s sales. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) — Alan Edrick, chief financial officer of OSI Systems Inc., talks with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Zahra Burton about the outlook for the company’s full-body scanning equipment at airports following a suspect terrorist’s attempt to blow up a U.S. airline on Christmas Day. OSI’s Rapiscan unit makes machines that can detect liquids and other potential explosives beneath passengers’ clothing. In October, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration placed an order valued at $25 million for Rapiscan’s imaging equipment. (Source: Bloomberg)

The agency removed 76 of the machines from busier U.S. airports last year. It will now get rid of the remaining 174 Rapiscan machines, with the company absorbing the cost, said Karen Shelton Waters, the agency’s assistant administrator for acquisitions. The TSA will use 60 machines manufactured byL-3 Communications Holdings Inc. (LLL), the agency’s other supplier of body scanners, and will move some scanners to busier airports to reduce waiting times.

“It became clear to TSA they would be unable to meet our timeline,” Waters said. “As a result of that, we terminated the contract for the convenience of the government.”

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