What the hell day is it?

Since last weekend’s photography extravaganza of over 30 logged hours of shooting in two days, we haven’t had slowed down.

This morning, I woke up and browsed Facebook on my phone. My aunt posted a “Happy Monday” update. I stared at it for several moments thinking, “Maybe she’s saying that metaphorically.” As if her Monday started today, which is … what the fuck day is today?

And then it donned on me.

Today is Monday. It’s Monday for everyone in this time zone.

Between photo editing and video editing, new jobs and meetings, our week has been early mornings and late nights.

Small business. Paul Liziness.

On Friday, I had a job that stretched from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fifteen hours.

That’s not how much time I spent in the car on a snowy day that turned Chicago highways in to parking lots.

Fortunately, I was editing video all day Thursday, and I was able to schedule blog posts to hit all day Friday during video rendering time. Which, if you’ve edited video, you know can take forever.

During my job on Friday, I worked with a poet who goes into schools and gets kids excited about poetry. The project is part documentary and part promotion for this guy’s work.

I will have to write a longer version of the experience later. The guy is a modern Shel Silverstein and he deserves to be hugely successful. Hopefully our relationship will bolster his presence further faster.

The weekend was jampacked with more work. We had a photography job yesterday and one today.

I’m not trying to neglect you.

Just trying to keep my brain from exploding and giving myself a heart attack from juggling all my work.

One thought on “What the hell day is it?

  1. I am reading your Wyndam experience now. You are not only a great photographer but a gifted writer. Hope life calms down. Get your puppy to take you for a walk and enjoy part of this day!!!

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