See! “Atheistic Science is Rapidly Sinking in the Quicksand”

From Moshe Averick at the algemeiner in a post titled, “Atheistic Science is Rapidly Sinking in the Quicksand“:

One gram of DNA – the weight of two Tylenol – can store the same amount of digitally encoded information as a hundred billion DVD’s. Yes, you read correctly, I said a hundredbillion DVD’s. Every single piece of information that exists on the Earth today; from every single library, from every single data base, from every single computer, could be stored in one beaker of DNA

And later in conclusion:

The proponents of the “almost miracle” camp implicitly showcase their narrow mindedness by not considering the obvious alternative to a lucky break in the “Monte Carlo casino” game: Intelligent Design. If the probability of life emerging randomly is “virtually zero” as Monod puts it, then it isvirtually certain that it did not emerge by chance; it is virtually certain that it emerged through Intelligent Intervention.

One gram of DNA can hold roughly the same amount of information as a hundred billion DVDs?

You don’t say.

Well, surely an intelligent being created this … this … THIS … DNA.


Let’s say for a second, intelligence created this one-hundred billion DVDs of information holding DNA. Let’s agree that a mysterious mastermind cobbled together life long ago, and over time, it evolved into a treasure trove of life’s diversity.

Or let’s say that intelligence literally spoke the universe, the planets (including Earth) into existence and thus dappled this planet with life in one fell swoop of a week.

Let’s marvel at nature.




Look at the peacock and the jellyfish. The horse and the locust.

Look at the magnolia tree, her flowers, and the various orchids.

Their sheer beauty and magnitude of complexity will dumbfound the dumbest rock.

That intelligent author of DNA’s code wrote the most beautiful, living things into existence.

And, yet, that same author took responsibility and ownership of the Bible, both old and new testaments, and the Koran,

If human DNA maintains a level of 50% noncoding DNA (or Junk DNA), how much of the bible or the koran do we designate “non-coding” “junk”?

I’m not a proponent of an atheism that is informed by science. Science doesn’t make me turn down the offer of religious thought.

If evolution were proven false tomorrow, today or yesterday, it wouldn’t change that the bible isn’t authored by genius.

I don’t view nature as “genius” either. It has a disastrous success rate.

It has failed much more than succeeded, as evidenced giving credence to an article written by a Rabbi about how the mysteries of science must mean “God did it.”