Jesus Christ Posed … I shot Soundgarden last night

Last night, I photographed Soundgarden at Riviera theater in Chicago.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had shooting a band. Good light. It was a band I’ve loved since I was a teenager. The stage was low.

At one point, another photographer wearing a Detroit Tigers hat was standing next to me. The Ben Shepard, the bass player, walked all the way across the stage, tapped the guy on the Tigers hat, gave him a thumbs up and fist bumped him … explosion hand and all.

I slapped him on the shoulder and said, “He just fucking fist bumped you, dude!”

More of my photos will appear in Time Out Chicago (link to come). The shot I posted last night is killing me. I didn’t get Chris Cornell’s feet in, because I was so excited to get that band formation.

But all in all, it’s one of my favorites. I got some great closeups of him too.

More to come.


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