Creative ideas that make me happy

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 2.13.46 PMSometimes I get turned on by the simplest of ideas.

Here’s one from Anthropologie.

I love how the image is cropped and the simplest watercolor painting is embellishing the edges.

Such a quick idea that takes an image to meh to whoa.

Of course, Tina thought the makeup was atrocious. It’s imbalanced from eye to eye (above) and a few of the images in the catalog we have at the house are soft (out of focus).

But the idea is neat.

Now that I look at it again, the girl above looks like she’s pitting out.


Belief systems I can support: Nelson Rose

Nelson Rose isn’t your typical believer. He recently published a blog post called, Can anyone “prove” God exists?

Rose writes:

I, personally, am not a believer of an anthropomorphic deity.  You know the one that billions of people believe in and atheists completely detest and reject.  The God that judges and has had fits of rage that result in global flooding or fire and brimstone raining from heaven is an irrational concept to grasp or believe with any sense of reason.  Nor do I believe that God was a man who walked among us 2,000+ years ago in the flesh that had to subject himself to execution in order to forgive me for sins I hadn’t committed yet because that was the only way he could forgive me.  When you put God in a delusional dogmatic box like that, most rational people will not truly believe.  In fact, the only reason many people do believe it is because the genetic lottery caused them to be born into a family that believes it and thus the indoctrination as a young age begins.

Read more of Can anyone “prove” God exists?

I’ll try to follow up to more thoughts on this later. But I thought you’d like to check out what Rose wrote now. 🙂

Gay, Tennessean pitbull gets death sentence … the world reacts.

Gay Dog, to be euthanised

This story — which hasn’t been declared completely legitimate — is going around.

Published yesterday at the Examiner blog:

Tomorrow, a dog, name unknown, will be put to death at an overcrowded animal control in Jackson, Tenn., after his owner surrendered him there because he believes that his dog is “gay.”

According to the prior owner, the dog was seen “hunched over,” another male dog, therefore, in this owner’s mind, the dog must be gay.

The former owner apparently does not know that “hunched over, aka humping behavior” is typically a sign of dominance in dogs, rather than something to signify a dog’s sexual orientation.

I wonder if gay dogs are an abomination or something of lesser, pejorative value.

Seen at JMG.


My brother went to heaven and sent me back a picture


My brother is a gigantic music lover.

He’s a musician and he performs as much as he can. He’s nothing short of an audiophile, as well.

When we were growing up, his taste in music was so vast and somewhat esoteric. We lived in podunk North Carolina, but he somehow knew about bands that even Tina is surprised I know about.

I’m really not sure who influenced him, but he’s always been my influence for new, fresh and great music.

To give you some idea how nuts he is about great music and sound, he bought a lot of vinyl records over the course of a year or more. But he didn’t own a record player to play them.

He knew what he wanted, and bought records when he could afford them and then the “right” record player when the time came.

That, dear reader, is dedication.

Right now, my sister-in-law and he are in Los Angeles. He sent me the above panorama taken at Amoeba Records, which according to him is, “Biggest record shop I’ve ever seen…amazing.”

Click to enlarge!