My brother went to heaven and sent me back a picture


My brother is a gigantic music lover.

He’s a musician and he performs as much as he can. He’s nothing short of an audiophile, as well.

When we were growing up, his taste in music was so vast and somewhat esoteric. We lived in podunk North Carolina, but he somehow knew about bands that even Tina is surprised I know about.

I’m really not sure who influenced him, but he’s always been my influence for new, fresh and great music.

To give you some idea how nuts he is about great music and sound, he bought a lot of vinyl records over the course of a year or more. But he didn’t own a record player to play them.

He knew what he wanted, and bought records when he could afford them and then the “right” record player when the time came.

That, dear reader, is dedication.

Right now, my sister-in-law and he are in Los Angeles. He sent me the above panorama taken at Amoeba Records, which according to him is, “Biggest record shop I’ve ever seen…amazing.”

Click to enlarge!


2 thoughts on “My brother went to heaven and sent me back a picture

  1. It’s not often you see a music store of any kind these days let alone on so huge – imagine how many hours you could spend wandering around there 🙂

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