I think these are two different women. How about you?


I saw the above image on Facebook of the Banana Girl, which as her picture proves, she was cured of depression, cancer, acne and A cups.

The girls don’t appear to be the same person to me at all. The cheekbones and depth of the orbital sockets don’t seem the same.

I’m also skeptical of this vegan “diet” that lets you eat all you want and lose weight.

I wish I knew something about marketing so that I could understand how people lie to sell a certain diet or draw attention to themselves.

So weird.

I know, I know, it’s quiet here today

blogI realize it’s quiet. I’ve been editing photography today.

Here’s a shot from an interiors shoot yesterday.

In the shot is a sweet pup named Herbie.

Herbie told me to tell you that he loves you.

A lot.



Don’t you wish you lived in a flip-flop climate all year?


According to TYWKIWDBI (How to wait in line), this photo is from somewhere in Thailand, although from what I know, it would be anywhere in Asia.

Everyone puts there shoes or flip-flops in line and goes to the waiting area to sit.

How genius is that?

Restaurants need to do that here in Chicago … in the dead of winter.

Another TYWKIWDBI of note … “She wishes she had more time to read“. Check out the photo of a woman sitting in a garbage heap reading.

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