Inspirational hump day: Phlearn Interviews Michael Vincent Manalo

images above copyrighted to Michael Vincent Manalo.

In an interview published at Phlearn, they interviewed late-20-something Michael Vincent Manalo, whose work is fun, inviting, and sometimes a direct ripoff very reminiscent of French Painter René Magritte.

His work is described as nightmarish, which I disagree with. His work is dreamy. It may not be Disney, but it’s not something scary. There’s something alluring to it. A floating house brings a calm rather than angst.

The interview text is so-so, but the images are what you should consider checking out. There’s more of the above and beyond that.

Manalo himself describes his work as inspired by Dadaism — a movement started to oppose bourgeoisie ideologies — which I wouldn’t have considered at all. It’s too clean to qualify. Later in the interview, Manalo admits his five-year plan is to settle down, sell his art with HUGE price tags on them (oh the dream) and live in a lake house.

So anti-bourgeois, don’t you think?

The interviewer says he’s clearly been inspired by Dali, which may be. There’s a moment or two with the windows and the elephant with withered legs.

But his primary influence appears to be Magritte and all the imitators of his work who have modernized “Le Pipe” and replaced the larger-than-life items with more common fare.

Regardless, go check his work. You’ll dig it.

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