Pissed-off women’s group shows up to the first amendment party several decades late

This article from The Hill about concernstipated group of women called, “Women for America” about SNL’s parody of Djesus Uncrossed is expressing just how ignorant they are.

And they seem to be proud of it.

Of course, there’s this generally redundant opening:

A conservative Christian women’s group said Tuesday that “Saturday Night Live” intended to “degrade and taunt” with a video short that appeared on last weekend’s show called “DJesus Uncrossed” — a faux Quentin Tarantino revenge film starring a resurrected Jesus Christ.

The group said the late-night show wouldn’t dare be that irreverent with Islam.

You’re not properly pissed if you don’t jab at someone for not making fun of Islam.

But the kicker of the article is this line:

“The First Amendment protects their right to offend, and it also protects our right to complain to NBC and the advertisers that sponsor SNL,” Nance said. “Funny how that works both ways.”

Funny how it works both ways? Who is just learning that free speech goes both ways?

Or multiple ways?

How about multiple ways, Women for America?

Let me draw you a map. You’re upset at SNL’s free speech. You complain. I read that your brain capacity is the size of a molecule of dust, and I am appalled whilst hiding behind free speech to make that judgement.

It’s a great day.

So the next time you stumble across a Woman for America sitting at her bitty desk drawing with crayons, pat her on the shoulder and say it looks great.

Ask, “What is that?”

Wait for her response. When she gives one, say, “Oh, that’s a unicorn? … That’s a good unicorn. [Pause] Is that a rainbow? [Pause] That’s not a rainbow? It’s a cow? Oh, neat.”

Then hand them the Indigo crayon and tell her to draw some sky.

She’d be super creative at that.


Thanks for the heads up, Aaron!


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