that awkward moment during your private time


Jesus’s prayers were kind of funny when you break it down. Or when you break down the ways theology tells you that Jesus is God and they are both the holy spirit. But they aren’t the same person/being.

But they are the same.

And when Jesus was on earth, he wasn’t acutely aware they were the same, because he didn’t find it redundant to pray to himself.



photos in a furniture factory

This is a furniture factory we used as a backdrop for corporate head shots back in January.

I loved being in the factory, which reminded me of growing up. My dad worked in the furniture industry, and some of my fondest memories were when he managed/owned/operated a metal working factory.

All the machinery and grit definitely informed the way I viewed the world.

And when I stood among the buzzing machines and floating dust, memories of my tweens rushed back.

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Restaurant recommendation: Lula Café


photo 2-1



Nestled in the Chicago’s hipster Logan Square neighborhood, there’s an artsy-fartsy restaurant/bar/café called Lula Café.

With its decor that makes it appear a bit ruinous and old European, the joint is jampacked on any given Saturday and Sunday brunch-0-clock time. The place feels like it belongs in France, Italy … or Portlandia.

The hostesses are all in their high-hip jeans. If the waiter doesn’t have a mustache, you should ask the manager for a replacement.

The service is excellent. And there are chances you’ll sit at a community table or smackdab beside another table … just like in Europe or New York … or Portland.

So go. Enjoy yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out my sweet-ass iPhone shots below showing what we ate.

My mouth watered for the the omelet off the specials menu, which included kentucky country ham, duck confit, gruyere, winter root mash, sauce divine. It was one of the best omelets I’ve ever had.

No joke.

Tina had Polenta, which was served with: rutabaga, swiss chard, soft scrambled egg, ricotta, sweet and sour shallots, black olive vinaigrette. The Polenta is the second picture below, and we had to ask, but the rutabaga is the shaved-looking melon colored, folded-looking stuff on the lower right hand corner of the photo.

Our brunch-mate Jay savored every bite of his Almond poppy seed GRIDDLE CAKES lemon curd, pear, pomegranate, almond crumble.

Go check out Lula Café. The art and decor are inspirational. The service is good. The food is great. The drinks are mm mmm good. You probably won’t be disappointed.


photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

do you know what I like about you? everything.

Remember when I announced I was going to concentrate less on this blog and more on my professional blog and efforts?

Lemme tell you. It’s been difficult to show up anywhere with any frequency.

My exercise routine has declined over the past couple busy weeks, which contributes to involuntary body revolts.

My neck is spasming since last night. It kept me up most of the night. After I dreamed that I changed a setting on my computer, it seemed to subside.

But it probably subsided because I took a couple ibuprofen at around 2 a.m.

In the meantime, I want enough presence here that it makes it worth it to show up.

The stress is also coming from some decisions to travel. After a big camera investment and some invoices that are slow to get paid, it makes it tough to make itineraries.

But Tina and I bought tickets over the weekend for a short trip to France. We landed a place to stay for gratis — well, practically gratis — and we couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Becky F. and Luis V. have friends who own a small, 17th century cottage in a remote area called Châtellerault.

The place is so quaint that you have to make a fire to warm the water in the hot water heater to take a shower.

Yeah, it’s that cool.

We’re hoping you’ll all meet us in Châtellerault this JuneI’m sure there are plenty of bed & breakfasts you can stay in and we can all meet up for large, romping dinners at around 9 p.m. every night.

The thought of 2013 being a success business-wise frightens the hell out of me.

But since hell most likely doesn’t exist, perhaps I should disregard all this stress.

I’m thinking photographically, this is going to be an amazing opportunity.

Landscapes. Exterior architecture. People.

More info as details unfold.

I’m sending you a postcard from the church I visited today.


I went to church today.

The call to worship was:

One: The world finds no proof of God.
All: But the heavens tell of God’s glory.
One: God’s message is foolishness to the world.
All: But God’s folly trumps human wisdom.
One: The freedom of the world brings us death.
All: But obedience to God’s ways brings life.

I am not obedient to God’s word, and yet I live, too.

You do, too.

Don’t let it get you down.

Open your ears.

The heavens are astoundingly quiet.

And yet the deity’s foolishness is greater than human wisdom.

Humans are the dumb ones.

Deaf, too.

All learning and knowledge does not lead to God’s doorstep.

It’s something else.

I can’t tell you.

It’s a secret.