Talulah is so smart, she’s generating a Facebook for dogs

When I take Talulah to our front yard area to poop and pee in the morning and then again at night before bed, she habitually does what I believe is check her Facebook.

Now, don’t get all huffy, because we take Talulah out only twice a day. We take her out four times a day. The other two times are in the back yard.

The front yard is her time to sniff around, and check up on the dogs in the neighborhood. She smells what Quincy the Bichon has been eating by nosing his favorite pee spot on our fence. She smells for the last time Cash the Great Dane moseyed by. She hopes to learn the latest developments in Brady the Huskey’s diet.

Before I open the door to let her outside, she’s nosing the air, “looking” for other dogs outside.

Even better is how egocentric Talulah is. Wherever she pees, she’ll eventually return to that spot and check her own stink for a minute. It’s like she’s checking her own wall.

I’m convinced Talulah has a developed vocabulary in response to her understanding of the world.

When she’s on snow, she thinks “cold” & “wet” … in some form of dog terms.

When she’s on grass, she has a mental connection to soft.

On gravel, she’s not as likely to run fast. She thinks “hard” & “ouch”.

If you don’t believe me, ask her.

Talulah’s Facebook might not include all the words that yours and mine have. I bet her friends’ assault on Talulah’s sensibilities are less prone to offend her than your friends offend you.

She might be the dumbest dog in the neighborhood, but she wouldn’t care. She doesn’t know what dumb is. On her scale, she’s about as smart as they get. But she can’t tell anyone. She doesn’t have a verbal set of words to share her story.

When she does, though, move over Zuckerberg … our ship’s coming in.

I’m a maniac on the kitchen floor



On Friday night, I had long-time friend and great talent Ryan and his dear girlfriend over for dinner.

I made four pizzas, which is a bit extravagant. I admit it. But making pies are fun.

Tina grabbed the shot above of me cranking out onion cutting for two of the pizzas. There’s a new pizza that I created based on a steak taco recipe. I use a cilantro-y-pesto kind of base for it, and layer on marinated flank steak, sauteed onions and a Mexican mix of cheese.

It’s damn good.

I only have photos of 3 of the pizzas. I apologize. I got hungry and put the camera down.

I also made an artichoke, onion, olive, roasted garlic and provolone version (not pictured) and a roasted garlic and bacon one. The bacon has eggs on it (below). The other one pictured below is a spinach and mushroom pie.

You should come over sometime for dinner.