head shots-a-plenty


Yesterday, Tina and I shot 16 head shots. Today = editing 16 head shots.

I haven’t finished with this one, but I’m really happy with the way they turned out.

So if Bill looks at them and tells me the whites aren’t white … I’ll kick his butt. 🙂

There’s a square to check on divorce paperwork for spouses who fall in love with grotesquely-real baby dolls


From an article at FastCoDesign titled: “Eerie Photos Of A Subculture Devoted To Life-Like Baby Dolls”:

Photographers, either intentionally or unwittingly, often find themselves in the role of the ethnographer. That was certainly the case with Rebecca Martinez, a San Francisco photographer who has spent the past several years capturing the Reborn community, a group of women who create amazingly lifelike infant dolls. “People can be incredibly judgemental of them,” Martinez tells me. “I’m often nervous about receiving publicity, because it’s very easy to see it as weird.”

Indeed. The Reborn community is often seen as taboo. As the New York TimesLens Blog noted last week, its members build dolls that are almost grotesquely real, and often treat the dolls as true human beings.

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