Screw Jack Schaap … what about his freaking wife!

By now you’ve heard of the Hammond, Indiana pastor who had an affair with a then 16-year old girl.

Jack Schaap was sentenced to just 12 years for heaping life-long mental hell onto a young woman who will suffer, and her loved ones will suffer, for what this jackass did to her.

No big deal, right?

Sure, Schaap took advantage of his position of leadership. Sure, he manipulated a young woman to have sex with him. Sure, he made a mistake. And now he’s getting time in the slammer.


And he can hide behind his supernatural forgiveness principles, and move on with his limited life the best he can.

His defense was that he suffered from prostate troubles that led him to stick his penis into the vagina of a 16-year-old.

The Chicago Trib reports:

More than 100 letters of support were sent to [the judge in the case], attesting to decades of good works by the pastor, and claiming that stress and health problems— including prostate troubles and “low lithium levels”— led Schaap to stray during a romantic relationship with the vulnerable teen.


Do I get to have sex with 16 year olds when my prostate goes?

Isn’t it a incredibly ironic that when push comes to shove, a pastor who likely eschewed science from the pulpit would embrace it at his hour of weakness? Of vulnerability.

But did you see how wonked out his wife is?

She’s supporting him through this crap. Really? The Chicago Trib writes:

Schaap’s wife, Cindy, who describes her husband’s affair with the girl as “consensual,” said her husband was suffering from “a severe case of prostatitis” and complained of exhaustion during the time he now admits he was involved in a sexual relationship with the victim.

“I feel compelled to ask once more for leniency in my husband’s sentencing,” she wrote.

Schaap’s wife should be empowered to run for the hills. Her husband is done for 12 years. He fucked her. And she’s supporting him.

What kind of mind control do these people have? I don’t believe in the supernatural, but this is nothing short of magical.

If I had an affair with a 30 year old, let alone a 16 year old, Tina would dump me. Dump me and take Talulah and Zoe.

And you know what? That’s a woman. That’s a human. She’s strong, independent, and full of freedom and free thought.

And thank goodness. I’d have it no other way.

If people’s mistakes have real consequences, not supernatural deliverance, accountability is much more tangible.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Thanks, Tina, for the article!

Yes! There are more good people in North Carolina.


From The Daily What … Cheezburger:

The Green Street United Methodist Church in North Carolina is refusing to perform any marriages until same-sex marriage is legally recognized by the state. The announcement comes in conflict with the official laws and doctrines of the United Methodist Church, which lists homosexuality as a practice that is “incompatible with Christian teaching.” In the meantime, the church will be holding “relationship blessings” as an alternative to marriage ceremonies.