I missed the memo to change my profile picture to an equal sign


Over at Facebook, lots and lots of people changed their profile images to equal signs in support of marriage equality.

I don’t change my profile picture for other weeks I believe in, so I refuse to do it for this. But I love the show of support. It’s important. I’m just not sheepish enough to include myself.

But then I’m a spoiled brat. I work with my wife every day. And lately, I work literally beside her.

I’d have it no other way, and I strongly encourage it for others.

I don’t believe in heaven or hell. This is all I’ve got. I married Tina, because I wanted to spend my life with her. And I’ll be damned if the time I spend with her is in the hours we’re not at some lame job.

Lots of people get married and hide behind the idea that they have eternity to love their spouse. Why make your living slaving for the man … for what? So somebody else can get rich while you hope to spend some time with your loved one after retirement?

And why then?

I want now to be that time. That way my spouse isn’t a fucking stranger when I’m 65.

I hope my believing friends get behind this marriage equality thing. Hell, I hope they get behind the “spend as much time with your spouse thing”.

I sincerely wish that the bible didn’t have those parts about God punishing entire cities or countries because of their lifestyles. When it comes down to it, if those parts weren’t in there, believing folks wouldn’t give two shits about what their neighbors do in their bedrooms.

Jesus didn’t get two poops about that, so why should anybody?

So raise your glasses to marriage … no matter if you prefer the company of men or women. Get married. Have a good life. Change your kids diapers and later your spouse’s.

This is it, kids. Let’s live it like it is anyway. Give that a whirl.

Take it from me.

It’s a blast.

phew! … still photo editing …


I really hoping to deliver a lot of the work that we’ve been doing over the past week. Tina and I have been cranking out our photo editing.

We set up two computers side by side in the kitchen. I taught Tina how to cut people off of a background, and then I take the image, put on the background and touch up blemishes and skin.

I saw an update on Facebook this morning from the guy who did our makeup, and he wrote that no woman can get away with not wearing foundation.

Well, no woman (or man) can get by without being a bit Photoshopped and touched up.

I poured over these two images I’m posting, and am proud that the touchups look nice, but the skin is still in tact.

This is a constant battle for up-and-coming photographers. I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable with the techniques I’m using.

I’ve touched up or had my hands on over 40 images … which is no small feat. And I’ve been working other jobs as well.

Stay tuned. I hope not to be this quiet for too long. 🙂