Hundred Waters is more of a quiet trickle into a muddy puddle

As previously mentioned, I photographed the band ∆ at the Metro. A group called Hundred Waters opened up, and like any moody pop band fronted by a high-pitched female vocalist and supported by highly-trained musicians, they were meh.

But they had something. And I’ll give them that. They just weren’t that great either.

I went into the pit to photograph them just for the hell of it. Time Out didn’t need photos of them, but if I submit them, they can always blog them.

The light was awful. Which it is awful a lot at Metro, but this was the worst light I’ve ever seen at a medium-size venue.

After my three songs, I stood in the back and watched the rest of the set. As I stood there, I thought of my headline above. A few minutes later, a well-dressed guy walked up to me and asked, “Is this Hundred Waters?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Man.” He paused and listened for another few moments. “They suck.”

He turned and walked off.

After I got home, I was going through my photos, which all sucked. I ended up sending the band a tweet saying:

I sincerely hope you invite better light into your tour. It’ll get better press and better exposure.

And they responded!

They wrote:

@cafewitteveen fuck you tho ;p

And they followed up!

They wrote:

@cafewitteveen great shot, thinkin that’s our new press pic from here out

So I responded! Twice!

  • @100waters if you think that’s good enough to use, it reflects your view of quality … good fucking riddance.
  • @100waters it’s possible to be moody-cool & use light. I flushed the images from your set. Not that you care. But the crowd didn’t either.

So there you have it.

The band is going to use my pic as their press image.

Out of spite.

I love images used in spite.

It’s hot.

So if you’ve got ∆ tickets … you might have to wade through the muddy puddle of Hundred Waters first. Consider it part of the price of the ticket.

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 12.29.38 PM

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