A photographer I like to watch: Ming Thein


I’ve been following Malaysian photographer Ming Thein lately.

He’s currently traveling in the States and the only camera he brought was a thousand-dollar Olympus OM-D and a few lenses. One of them happens to be a $3,000-$4,000 Leica lens.

The above shot is from a series in San Francisco.

Go check out more of his work here.




Monday morning shock value: Flour can explode



From Environmental Graffiti:

When flour is stored in bags, or is lying on the kitchen counter, it’s packed too tightly to provide the glucose with the oxygen it needs to burn. Yet airborne flour particles have plenty of oxygen surrounding them and are therefore able to ignite when exposed to a flame or a spark. Furthermore, as the particles are still relatively close together, they can quickly set alight one after the other, resulting in an explosion.

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