A photography graphic that you NEED to see

I’m going to put this below the fold, because it’s super long.

It’s from fstoppers. It’s a must-look for amateurs looking to go pro and any pros who need a reminder to two about the business they’ve chosen.

Click to enlarge or go to the link above.

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Giving Tina lessons on how to stop action


We had a video shoot this morning and then came back to the house to let Lu run like the wind.

We’ve also been talking more about Tina shooting more and becoming our second shooter that we need on occasion.

Her homework assignment was to figure out how to stop the motion of me throwing Chuck-it, which she seems to have accomplished well.

Of course, everyone loves my purple leash with pink poop bag dispenser.



… I repeat … do not run from the police in Dubai

hE51BDBC5From The Daily What:

The Dubai police department just got even more baller (if that is possible). Yesterday morning, the official Twitter account for the Dubai PD tweeted a photograph of their new green and white Lamborghini Aventador police vehicle, a two-door sports car with a top speed of 217 MPH and a price tag of $550,000 USD. Of course, this isn’t all that atypical for the cops of the most expensive city in the Middle East, having already received several fleets made of SUVs including Kia Mohave, Toyoto Prado and Nissan Xterra in the past year.