The divine loved you so much, he gave you spare set of teeth


Science explanations for bizarrities of nature are much more satisfying than religious ones.

And considering that each of us are made perfect in the sight of a divinity or each of us are prone to genetical issues, I’d much prefer to hear from science on this one.

The above condition is Hyperdontia or Supernumerary Teeth.

From this site:

The specific cause of the development of the extra teeth has not yet been established. But there are a number of theories that have been put across to explain their presence. Some theories say that these teeth might be present due to the division of the tooth bud in a way that is not normal while other theories blame the existence of the supernumerary teeth on the dental lamina hyperactivity. It is also believed that a person’s genetics has something to do with this condition because it is considered hereditary.

All life is related, and — for me at least — here’s another example.





Sleep wasn’t my friend last night.

Work-related stress battles stormed throughout the time when dreams are usually welcome.

I have a lot of editing to do.

I took the above shot yesterday.

It’s a tire.