Go USA!!! Proof we are the greatest nation on the planet!


Where else on earth can children learn vital information to make the rest of the world mock them with great tenacity?

Well, right here in the good ol’ You Ess of Amazing … that’s where.

I mean, look at the above 4th grade test.

That is some doctorate-degree level schtuff!

America, where kids have the freedom to have their parents force them to learn absolute horseshit and stand proud and united because of it.

What? There’s more:


More here at Snopes.

Seen at JMG


2 thoughts on “Go USA!!! Proof we are the greatest nation on the planet!

  1. I was taught this stuff (at a higher level) from 8th to 10th grades, and it took me a LONG time to get it out of my head. I get so angry when I think of all the junk that I was taught was true. I gave my teachers a lot of respect and trust…I thought I was being good to do that. I just wish someone had taught me to question everything and had told me that the highest good was to use my own brain. I don’t think I will ever get over the anger. I believed so many lies.

    1. Thanks for your response. I was taught this stuff, too.

      It afforded me the chance to become a laughing stock when put in reasonably academic classrooms later at a Christian college.

      Creationism is a mistake that parents without foresight are forcing on their children.

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