Run — don’t walk — to see Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii | Metro | May 3, 2013

On Friday night, I photographed Blue Hawaii for Lost in Concert.

They opened for a band called Purity Ring.

That’s one of my shots above. Watch for more at LiC.

Blue Hawaii were great! They brought  energy. The vocals were strong, and the beats hit hard. When they took the stage, the singer, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, said she recently hurt her back and wouldn’t be able to dance as much, but if we — the collective audience — didn’t mind, dance for her.

Her back didn’t stop her completely. I loved watching her perform and work with whatever gadget she was using to manipulate her voice.

I’d definitely go see this band if I were you.

Here’s a song to whet your whistle.

Hide all the beauty throughout the planet and universe until there are cameras to share it … smart choice


The universe is laden with all things beautiful — and not beautiful.

It’s stupefying that our collective ancestors had no idea the world was so full of so many interesting places, above and below ground.

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Thanks, Tina.