weekend wrapup: concert, firepits and award-winning movies

Purity Ring | Metro | May 3, 2013

Our weekend was a wild ride.

I started the weekend on Friday shooting a concert at The Metro. The bands were electronic music-ers Blue Hawaii and Purity Ring.

One of my favorite Purity Ring shots is above.

Saturday was mostly work: video editing and some photo editing. Saturday night, we did a three-way couple dinner date out in the ‘burbs. We had a lovely dinner then finished the evening telling stories ’round a fire pit.

Sunday was more or less a day of relaxation.

We set out to pickup a Flat Iron steak from Whole Foods, but there wasn’t any available. We ended up with a skirt steak, seasoned in salt, pepper and garlic with a side of red potatoes that I start in the microwave, cut up and finish on the grill.

I picked up Lincoln from our local Redbox and watched that last night. There were some densely packed moments of historical dialogue that was a bit hard to follow at points. But for the most part, it was an excellent movie, and an excellent reminder that a country can approve of something so awful at one point and then shun it with great gusto.

There was one line during a senate debate over freeing the slaves. One man said, “What’s next? Letting women vote!?!” The whole group of very white men said, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

We have so far to go with racism, but marriage equality will eventually take the road of slavery, suffrage.

I recommend the movie if you haven’t seen it already. Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field were both amazing.

Below are some pictures from our Saturday evening.






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