My hometown hits a high point

I grew up in a little town in the bible beatin’ beltin’ south called High Point, North Carolina.

High Point’s claim to fame — apart from a two mile strip of redneck cruising area — is that it was considered for a long time to be the furniture capital of the world.

There’s still an active furniture community and trade show there, but — like many things in this economy — not as boisterous as it used to be.

A friend of mine lives there with this wife and two kids in a ritzy neighborhood called Emerywood. For the most part, I thought my friend was conservative, and he may still be. I hope he is.

This morning, he posted a story about a local gay vocalist named Anthony Dean Griffey, a four-time Grammy award winning performer. It was printed in the High Point Enterprise, a bastion of liberal propaganda and immoral intrigue.

Just kidding.

The High Point Enterprise has traditionally gone conservative.

In recent years, this gay local named Griffey has threatened his career and local notoriety by becoming vocal about his homosexuality and helping to push for marriage equality in his community.

Part of me pinches myself when I hear these stories. It’s 2013 for fuck sake. How is it that homosexuality is so reviled in any town anywhere?

But then I remember, “The Yeshua Fog.”

I haven’t used that term in for-freaking-ever.

The Yeshua Fog is that dense, dumbheaded myopia that prevents otherwise smart people from seeing that their views are preventing them from joining the rest of us in a great society of progress and beauty. And by otherwise smart, I mean that in the most delicate way. Where else can you claim you’re educated and still eschew educated ideas like accepting homosexuality or evolution and still claim intelligence?

Some people think that homosexuals and their ideas threaten their faith, their ideals, their families and their moralities.

When is this morality battle going to be over? High Point rests its laurels on secular morality.

And besides, if believing folks realized how much of what they love and adore on a daily basis comes from the minds of people who prefer same sex over opposite, they’d shit their pants like Al Roker at the goddamn White House.

Why do I support marriage equality? Because I want my friends, who are lifelong partners, to have the same benefits that I have in my marriage with Tina. Socially and economically, as well as any health matters that might prevent non-spouses from attending hospitals or making decisions on their loved ones behalves.

I hope High Point gets this. I hope the sun burns the fog off the Yeshua-lovin’ south.

I care because I love my friends and family who live in the south. I want them to be happy and live in a bustling town of creativity and genius. Diversity — and its acceptance — is what brings that. Not closed-minded ideas that shun people on the basis of their sexual preference.

This issue is not a gateway to animal marriage, polygamy or whatever wild construct some people are concernstipated about. I live in Chicago because we’re open and way more honest about who we are individually. Even when I go back to High Point, I’m forced to hide who I am and what I don’t believe in … all while everyone else is praying in public and churching it up like it’s the best thing in the world.

The fog is dense.

Acceptance damn overdue.

I mean Yeshua H Christ.

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