my new favorite lens: a 40mm pancake … seriously


I love this 40mm pancake lens that I bought.

It’s sharp as a freaking tack.

It’s not obtrusive.

It rocks.


A quick portrait of my dearest


I took this of Tina on Monday during a job.

She wanted to wear the hat seen in the showroom behind her. Lighting was north-facing window.

Love that woman.



seven shoots in seven days

Tina and I just wrapped up seven shoots in seven days.

Two of them were multimedia, the rest were photo only. A few years ago, our income was based mainly on video work. This was primarily because video editing quadruples the cost of projects. But within the last six months or more, it’s become 75% to 85% photography.

I’ve learned so much more about photo editing that we’ve been able to get the pricing closer to a video shoot. The quality of our work has increased our presence in the Chicago market. A few of our clients love us so much they send us where we need to shoot.

Event photography isn’t what we want to be known for, so we’ve stopped making it our focus. When we promote it, it’s to show how beautiful our images are or to revel in the notoriety of the client.

Name dropping is sometimes a must. 

Lots of our friends introduce us as primarily a video company. I’ve had to correct them. Right now, we’re more of a photo company.

While I love video, I have been pushing to make photography more lucrative. And it’s paid off.

Now I’m set on balancing the two out again.

Motion picture is going to take over still photography within the next five years or so. And I want to make sure our motion work is still viable.

But seven shoots in seven days, that’s nuts. Tina and I are all achy and grumpy. Our bodies are telling us to take a little break. So we are.

My goal/dream/ambition is to land a commercial client that LOVES us as much as our day-to-day clients do and who sends us all over the world shooting beautiful work. It’s also to hire a full-time nanny for Talulah and Zoe so they don’t miss us when we’re on the road for weeks at a time.