Whoever’s in charge of nature is a jerk

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.30.22 PM

Image via NY times. Click image to see more of Mother Nature’s destruction.

Mother Nature — whoever that is — killed 51 (fifty-fucking-one) people using a mile-wide tornado near Oklahoma City. Seven of them were children.


People who kill children are considered monsters.


One is too many.


S E V E N. 

Story here

More destruction photos proving jerkiness here.


The death toll has been lowered to 24.

Still too many.

But still.


One thought on “Whoever’s in charge of nature is a jerk

  1. Tornado alley is a dangerous place to live. When I was station at Fort Hood, Texas. We went there often. I was water, gas and food. Tornado hit often in the three states off highway 80 and 40. I saw one hit a solid building at Fort Steward, Georgia. Took the roof top off cement building for three blocks.

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