Great photography advice from Jessyel Ty Gonzalez

Over at Scott Kelby’s blog, I found an older post by guest photographer Jessyel Ty Gonzalez with advice for photographers.

Read the whole thing here.

Some nuggets that stood out to me:

-You can’t get better if you don’t continuously practice. That’s really the big secret. Keep shooting all the damn time.

-You have to love photography. I mean, really love it. Photography as a hobby is much different than photography as a profession.

-Surround yourself with smart, humble, and hard-working people. Try to be the same.

-Photography is in oversupply. Those who are creative problem solvers and who can adapt are going to win.-Watch films with great cinematography. Get shamed at how bad you are. Get inspired at how great you can become.

-The key to great photography is not letting anyone see your bad shots.


-I’ll get some flack for this, but the equipment does matter. Doesn’t mean buying the latest and greatest guarantees great shots, but it means getting the right tool for the right job, and knowing your equipment inside and out.

-Talk to people. I consider myself an introvert, but the world is different when you’re in charge and a camera is present. Let those social worries melt away.  Learn to talk to people, to relate to them, to know their trepidations and what makes them unique. Go out and take some street portraits of strangers – it will do wonders to your other work. Relationships, y’all.

-Get in front of the camera. Let people photograph you for a change. Know what bothers you, what makes you uncomfortable, and use that when you’re finally back behind the camera.

-Everyone is using the same equipment. There is no ‘magic’ lens or camera that makes someone better. Although the gear is expensive, we’re technically all on a level-playing field. Don’t get discouraged by others’ gear – get encouraged by their skill.