Happy Memorial Day


It’s too stinking cold to cookout with friends here in Chicago today. It’s overcast, around 64°F and threatening to storm.

So Tina and I bailed on any cookout plans. I’m making some white chicken chili for dinner and we’ll probably watch a few more episodes of Arrested Development Season four, that so far … sucks.

Instead of the average three or four laughs every three minutes, it’s yawns-a-licious for most of the episodes. Portia de Rossi looks so different that it’s difficult to take her serious.

Yesterday we shopped for flowers to beautify our deck, and I grabbed a couple photos to show you. You can see above that it’s gray out.

This morning, I made an old army recipe for pancakes that my dad taught me. He was in the reserves, so it’s how we honor the military.

Last night we made surf and turf to honor the army, navy and marines. And today’s chicken recipe is passed down from Tina’s grand father who was in the air force. 🙂

I hope your Memorial Day is much more memorable.