it’s catordog!


Here’s a shot of Talulah taken yesterday on an overcast day.

I threw a flash at her to get my aperture closed a bit.

We took her flower shopping on Sunday. The place was pet friendly and she got to stroll the aisles with me looking for birds and smelling the crevasses.

She got several, “Can I pet your dog?” Or “Is she friendly?” questions. Of course I said, Yes, and lots of people pet her and gave nice compliments.

One couple couldn’t stop saying how calm and well behaved she was. “She’s so good looking,” said one woman.

“She would tell you you were good looking too, if she had a human voice,” I said.

And then we made out.

All of us … in a liberal, orgy of decadent immorality.


Pure bliss

2013.05.17 - Rocking X Ranch-46

Bill Whitmire pulled together his photos from our weekend in Texas and sent them over last night.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this one of me after I nailed at least one clay pigeon during our skeet shooting game.

I’m an excitable little punk. And when I’m excited, ain’t nobody’s eardrums off limits to the expression this happiness.

Today is a day of catch up. More posts soon.