Are you gay-friendly? That makes you “base,” “filthy,” and “disgusting.”

Somebody sing kumbaya! This guy is singing “Amazing Grace” to piss you off.

Voice of Christian Youth America host Matt Trewhella lashes out at gay people as “filthy” and gay-friendly straight people as “disgusting”


It’s hump day! Let’s talk sex!

Conservative group’s sex talk at high school questioned in the following article.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Having sex with eight partners is the equivalent of drinking a whole classroom’s spit.

A new sexually transmitted disease is out there that will become the new AIDS.

All medical textbooks say life begins at conception.

For an hour, Joi Wasill, the founder of nonprofit Decisions, Choices and Options, and Beth Cox of the Sumner County School Board provided a captive audience of high school freshmen and sophomores their take on STDs, abortion and adoption.

It wasn’t completely accurate, a Vanderbilt University doctor said. But neither Tennessee state law nor the class curriculum prohibits what was said.

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