Cash … continued



Last night, I posted a couple photos from a shoot with 9-month old Cash.

I finished going through my film and delivered the photos I wanted to send this morning.

It wasn’t a paid job. In fact, I barged in on the shoot. Bill agreed to shoot a friend’s new puppy, and I asked if I could pick up a few shots using the Hasselblad.

I didn’t spend much time on editing, but here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.

I ended up shooting several shots with the Hassie and then a few more with my Canon 5D Mark II. The Hasselblad that I own isn’t made for shooting moving objects. It’s a precision camera, and shooting kids or dogs, especially puppies isn’t recommended.

That said, I was able to grab a decent ratio of good images. I set the camera on ISO 200 and closed up my aperture to around f18 to give me some focus leeway. The 80mm f2.8 isn’t very forgiving when the focus is off by a bit. But I felt like these shots were successful.

There’s an incredible color difference between the Canon and the Hasselblad. The redder images are from the Canon. And while most Golden Retrievers are the color coming from the Canon, Cash’s color is almost spot on out of the Hasselblad.






2 thoughts on “Cash … continued

    1. Thanks! That’s a nice compliment.

      Although I’m not sure how long you’ve been following. I mean, I’ve seen your likes for a little bit.

      We seem to get a lot of compliments on our four-legged friends photos, but damn if there’s any money we can yank out of people for it.


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