Megyn Kelly puts the smack down on her FOX colleagues.

Tina grew up in a single-parent, mom-dominated household and she turned out to be the biggest jerk, fuckup ever.

I mean, all she does is lay around shooting up herion and staring at the ceiling.

She’s as good as fucking vegetable.

At least there’s a voice on FOX who stuck up for reasonable thought.

The men on that show above cry about the apocalyptical changes in the world … they are no different than guys 60 years ago screaming about the changes in the world.

Embrace it, assholes. The world changes. That there’s the facts.


3 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly puts the smack down on her FOX colleagues.

  1. Yeah, while Megyn Kelly did kinda lay the smack down on their candy-asses, it’s too bad she’s only concerned about these things when they affect her personally. I recall she got equally fired up when conservatives were trying to legislate against maternity leave and painting it as an unfair thing. Too bad the moment things take a turn to some other conservative cause that does not affect her personal life she’ll just get back in line with the GOP’s talking points.

    I am however curious if there was any fallout following the interview. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got called into principal Ailes’ office afterwards, especially after having read that piece on Salon last week about the mole over at Fox News!

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