Russell Brand sings the hits

Talking about the soldier attack in Woolrich back on May 22, Russell Brand writes:

The extremists on both sides have a shared agenda; cause division, distrust, anger and violence. Both sides have the same intention. We cannot allow them to distort our perception.


To truly demonstrate defiance in the face of this sad violence, we must be loving and compassionate to one another. Let’s look beyond our superficial and fleeting differences. The murderers want angry patriots to desecrate mosques and perpetuate violence. How futile their actions seem if we instead leave flowers at each other’s places of worship. Let’s reach out in the spirit of love and humanity and connect to one another, perhaps we will then see what is really behind this conflict, this division, this hatred and make that our focus.

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Perfectionism: it’s what’s for breakfast

I saw a quote recently that turned me on:

“No matter your profession, perfection isn’t achievable. Just look at The Beatles. They would leave flaws in their early recordings – like Paul’s voice cracking of John singing the wrong word – but those things made the end result magical. When today’s Auto-Tuned artists aim to be perfect, their songs lack that same richness. Pressuring employees to be perfect leads them to take desperate measures and cut corners. And it breeds mediocrity. If there’s an intolerance for accepting differences and flaws – and different ways of seeing, feeling, and operating – it suffocates the potential for innovation and creativity.”

– Marc Schoen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Now, don’t get all huffy and think I completely agree with this quote.

Perfection in art is one thing. Perfection in engineering, another.  Continue reading “Perfectionism: it’s what’s for breakfast”

colorful engagement party


Tonight, Tina and I photographed an engagement party for an Indian couple.

It was probably the most amazing party I’ve ever been to.

The colors were bright. Everyone was festive. They will probably be partying until the sun comes up.