Jessica’s virginity mistake

I’m friends with a guy who graduated from my high school about 4 or 5 years before I did. He and I have had a few conversations about the letdowns and tribulations of the evangelical education we received.

Don’t get me wrong, we got a great education. Paid top dollar for it. There are things I remember from high school that most students never get. Lessons in English, history, math, entire sections have stuck with me. Although I can go toe to toe with most people on Biblical knowledge as well. I could chapter and verse a pastor under the table.

But we also got a lot of fear-based information, primarily in sex ed.

He sent me an article that not only reflects our backgrounds in an uncanny way, but the writer is from our hometown as well, the furniture capital of the world. At least it was then. It might not be anymore.

It’s from a woman named Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. It’s called, “My virginity mistake.” She begins like this:

I was 14 years old when I married Jesus. Not Jesus, the Panamanian who worked at Six Flags. I mean Jesus Christ, the Lord. My parents sent me off to Baptist youth camp in Panama City Beach for the week, and I came home with a tan and a purity ring. I sat with my legs crossed, cramped in a theater with 200 sweaty, sobbing teens as our pastor described the unwavering bonds of sex and why it should only be experienced within the confines of marriage.

You gotta read the rest here.



Tell the world to stay off the road


I’m at the DMV today renewing my license so that I can properly apply for an international drivers permit. We are headed to France mid-June and we are renting a car to drive to our future home away from home.

Apparently you need a license that doesn’t expire in the next six months to get an international permit.

The real reason I’m getting it renewed is because of a woman at the grocery store.

There’s a woman at our local self checkout who — every stinking time she checks my I.D. — says, “Make sure you renew your license before your birthday. You don’t want me turning you away without booze on your big day.”

My birthday is in fucking September. She’s been doing it since January.

I’ve heard her tell other people too and I’m damn near starting a support group. The mental anguish involved when I see her is tremendous.

In fact, the real reason i’m getting this thing renewed is … to shut her up!

Photographer Alexander Neumann is an asshole

Nothing chafes my cheeks more than to see someone else succeed.


I grow furious with rage. Some would call it Hulksteritis.

I call it Oldtestamentitis.


Photographer Alexander Neumann spends his days shooting beautiful models in beautiful places, all day, practically every day. He then sends his photos to three minions sitting behind computers and they have to sift through and develop the images.

Added, he shoots for publications like: Vogue Mexico, GQ Mexico, Dazed and Confused Korea, and Saks Mexico…

And to add insult to injury, he doesn’t use anything but available light.

There are photographers whom I love in the industry. And the more I learn about all of them, the more they are complete assholes.


Because they’re doing what I want to be doing, doing it well, and doing it in ways that I either can’t or am unable to do.

Here’s a shot of his below. Go check out more and read an interview with him at Fstoppers.



I thought we looked a lot alike

From Veronique Greenwood’s article called: “We Are All Princes, Paupers, and Part of the Human Family”:

But while genetics doesn’t reflect much of our imagined genealogical uniqueness, it’s shown that we’re more closely tied to our species as a whole than we might have realized. We’re all part of this enormous human fabric, full of fascinating tendencies and bizarre biochemistry. And research is revealing more and more about humanity as a whole and our incredibly beautiful, incredibly unlikely perch in the universe. That’s a tradition to be proud of.

And no, this doesn’t mean there was an Adam, an Eve or a talking snake.

Read more.