Jessica’s virginity mistake

I’m friends with a guy who graduated from my high school about 4 or 5 years before I did. He and I have had a few conversations about the letdowns and tribulations of the evangelical education we received.

Don’t get me wrong, we got a great education. Paid top dollar for it. There are things I remember from high school that most students never get. Lessons in English, history, math, entire sections have stuck with me. Although I can go toe to toe with most people on Biblical knowledge as well. I could chapter and verse a pastor under the table.

But we also got a lot of fear-based information, primarily in sex ed.

He sent me an article that not only reflects our backgrounds in an uncanny way, but the writer is from our hometown as well, the furniture capital of the world. At least it was then. It might not be anymore.

It’s from a woman named Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. It’s called, “My virginity mistake.” She begins like this:

I was 14 years old when I married Jesus. Not Jesus, the Panamanian who worked at Six Flags. I mean Jesus Christ, the Lord. My parents sent me off to Baptist youth camp in Panama City Beach for the week, and I came home with a tan and a purity ring. I sat with my legs crossed, cramped in a theater with 200 sweaty, sobbing teens as our pastor described the unwavering bonds of sex and why it should only be experienced within the confines of marriage.

You gotta read the rest here.



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