Tell the world to stay off the road


I’m at the DMV today renewing my license so that I can properly apply for an international drivers permit. We are headed to France mid-June and we are renting a car to drive to our future home away from home.

Apparently you need a license that doesn’t expire in the next six months to get an international permit.

The real reason I’m getting it renewed is because of a woman at the grocery store.

There’s a woman at our local self checkout who — every stinking time she checks my I.D. — says, “Make sure you renew your license before your birthday. You don’t want me turning you away without booze on your big day.”

My birthday is in fucking September. She’s been doing it since January.

I’ve heard her tell other people too and I’m damn near starting a support group. The mental anguish involved when I see her is tremendous.

In fact, the real reason i’m getting this thing renewed is … to shut her up!

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