This is a guy singing


We’re running around wrapping up loose ends from yesterday’s shoot.

I got hired to do a last-minute shoot Friday morning for a new client — new as in this morning new. Tina has a meeting with another client at the same time.

And it’s my dad’s birthday today. I think he’s going to be either 12 or 34. I can’t remember. He’s growing up so fast.

I’ll get some posts up during some video rendering downtime later.

You just sit tight and stare at this image I took last night at the House of Blues.


It’s CatorDog!


After my 13-hour day yesterday carrying around two cameras and a bag with three lenses, batteries and other gear in it, I got home to find our cat Zoe meowing at me for affection.

And by meowing, I mean yelling and screaming profanities.

I picked her up and played with her a bit. She asked me to put the faucet on so she could lick water. And then she posed for a couple photos.

Then we watched a bit of TV where she curled up in a nook on my hip and went to sleep.

This is the same cat that stayed away from me for years.