It’s CatorDog!


After my 13-hour day yesterday carrying around two cameras and a bag with three lenses, batteries and other gear in it, I got home to find our cat Zoe meowing at me for affection.

And by meowing, I mean yelling and screaming profanities.

I picked her up and played with her a bit. She asked me to put the faucet on so she could lick water. And then she posed for a couple photos.

Then we watched a bit of TV where she curled up in a nook on my hip and went to sleep.

This is the same cat that stayed away from me for years.





4 thoughts on “It’s CatorDog!

    1. She wants to write you a reply. She writes:

      kl;avio[gerwK’NEfgqn’iok0 \BHR ]j-]ijo r2]-j jkl;adfjk;labklba bdnpbs”B
      :LSFDMB ÍÚı˜Í

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