Phew, someone’s finally making FEW Whiskey


I bought a whiskey today as a gift for our hosts who are having a party tonight.

It’s locally distilled in Evanston. And I’m hoping I’m not getting duped.

I bought if for the guy I went to this Johnnie Walker tasting with as a sort of thank you, and let’s continue on with the tradition of tasting whiskeys together.

I’ve never had a clear whiskey.

So I’ll be sure to get this bottle opened tonight and try it. Unfortunately, we all know a bottle goes bad within 24-hours of opening, so we might have to put a major hurting on it.



Talulah’s all dolled up and got her hair did for the weekend

A4523139-EditIn other words, it’s another episode of CatorDog!

In this episode of dress up your Pitbull/Boxer mix, we hooked Lu up with a wig and nighty … that she’ll wear while dancing the night away … or chasing the ball for hours.

I love the way the wind blows through her black locks while she runs 20 miles an hour.

This morning, I have a quick job with a new client. This afternoon, I’ll be back for some winning posts about absolutely nothing.

In the meantime, how can you resist that face!