engaged and enraged


On Saturday evening, Tina and I had an amazing engagement shoot with a young couple from Detroit.

We wrapped that up around 8. And Tina and I made dinner, enjoyed a glass of wine and went through some of the best work we’ve ever gotten.

On Sunday, we had a lot of work to do. But we decided a quick trip to the gym to soak in the whirlpool was in order. So we got our stuff together around noon and left the back door.

We immediately noticed that our car was not parked in its spot, inside our gate of our apartment.

Long story short: someone stole our car. What a fucking kick in the teeth.

We’re figuring out all the details today. Hopefully everything will pan out.

While it sucks ass, I’d take losing my car a thousand times over losing Tina.

To whomever stole it, I hope you enjoy it. I hope it gets you whatever you thought you needed by taking it from us.

I’m going to miss that fucking car.