on the road again


Tina and I are sitting in the Dublin airport waiting for our delayed flight to Paris to board. It was supposed to leave at 10 a.m. local, but now we’re waiting for clearance from Charles de Gaulle — personally — to let us head out toward his airport.

Apparently there are some storms in the area that are backing stuff up.

We’re pretty tired, and I want a shower. I hate the feeling of getting off a long flight and having the stale odor in my clothes and the thin layer of grime that accumulates over the hours.

Since we’re in Dublin, a place I don’t ever plan visiting on any kind of vacation, I feel a certain obligation to have a pint of Guinness. Although I might wait till the return layover. I just can’t bring myself to drink before noon no matter what time zone I’m in.

This was last night’s airplane dinner.

Becky and Luis are meeting us in Paris tomorrow, and I left them a doggy bag of my leftovers in the seat pocket for them to enjoy just in case they are a little hungry on their flight.

You’re welcome.


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