one of those days


Did you ever have one of those days where you stressfully ran around doing errands for the bulk of it. You ate dinner with 300 strangers all facing the same way.

You slept with those strangers for four hours. Then you woke up in another country, and made it till your bed time with little sleep and a lot of adrenaline?

Our first day in Paris was a dream. We’re staying in a beautiful apartment in the first neighborhood. We ate a restaurant tonight that we ate at our first night on our honeymoon, strictly by happenstance.

We walked through the grounds of the Louvre. We passed by pet shops that would melt your heart faster than butter in a microwave.

There were furniture stores with artistic European pieces that were so inspiring I almost got arrested for taking my pants off and rubbing my business on the windows.

The cool thing about Paris is how much it oozes art, diversity, and mind expansion. This place is a melting pot of ideas, visitors, history, etc.

This is one of my favorite places on earth. And the main reason is that the respect artists to the point that they are higher and more admirable than gods. Which is why so many people probably hate this place due to political leanings.




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