Photo essay: Paris, day 3


Day three was an amazing adventure.

We started out walking around the Pompidou Center, where I photographed a street artist and got yelled at by a guy sitting on some steps drinking a bottle of wine. I think he told me to not take pictures of people. Not quite sure. He wasn’t close and he was slurring.

We had an great lunch at a restaurant well off the beaten path called Terroir Parisien. I had a monkfish and mussels dish that was to die for.

After lunch, we walked leisurely toward the Eiffel Tower, stopping in cool shops and window shopping others.

We ended up taking the train — which is so easy — the rest of the way.

After arriving, a thunderstorm charged in and ruined our chances to explore much around there. After waiting under an awning of a little kiosk for about 20 minutes, we asked the friendly sales attendant how to get back to our apartment.

We searched for a little store, and then headed for some dinner. Tomorrow we head out to the country side which is going to be another adventure all together.

Here are a few photos from day 3, lightly touched up or not at all.