The Awful Truth About Jogging … you might shit yourself. So don’t do it

A few weeks ago, I read this article called, “The Awful Truth About Jogging” by blogger robicellis

I read it with gusto, as I’m a runner, and I thought there might be some delicately presented ideas explaining why you should run. Or why I shouldn’t run.

Perhaps it would justify not running, and then sitting on my ass for the rest of my life.

Or choosing another exercise, like cycling or beer drinking.

And maybe I read it wrong, but the only thing I got from it was that if you run, you might get the runs and shit yourself whilst running.

If crapping myself is the worst part of jogging, then I’m obviously not running enough. I have NEVER crapped my pants while running.

And if I had, it would probably satiate some part of my brain that encourages running more.

That reminds me of a shit story that this hot blonde told me a couple weeks ago. A woman actually told me the story. It was about her and her own shit story. This girl was out with another girl drinking one night after a full weekend of drinking.

Apparently, like running, marathon drinking can cause you to shit yourself.

These two women were walking home from their third night on the town, drowning their single-girl sorrows. On the way home, the blonde girl — who was wearing a white dress — shit herself a little.

“I just shit myself a little,” said our blonde friend to the other friend.

“Oh no.”

“Would you walk behind me to keep it sort of covered while we walk home? We’re not too far away.”

So they walked home in single file, the poor girl in the back staring at the blonde’s dirty, fecal covered dress for a few blocks. They got inside their apartment and the girl in back vomited. And not just a little. A lot. All over the foyer.

Apparently drinking mixed with walking behind a hot blonde who shit herself invokes vomiting.

Happy Monday.

Your acceptance is part of the gay agenda

The reoccurring theme during my upbringing was to blame media and covert operations for everything from cigarette smoking, sexual behavior, secularism and homosexuality.

It often comes up during conversations with people I know who remain tied to belief.

Did you know So and so lost an election because they were portrayed poorly by the media?

Did you know gay lifestyle is accepted, because it’s pushed on you by TV and other outlets?

When free-thought isn’t part of the formula, it’s unheard of that anyone make up their mind by themselves.

About the above video:

After the Supreme Court’s recent gay marriage rulings, the media reported that America had a rapid change of heart on the issue. But the U.S. didn’t get here overnight.

Via the master of pushing the gay agenda.


happy july


June was a whirlwind month.

We had our car stolen. We stole it back.

We traveled to France. We traveled back.

We had a few big jobs, including a wedding this past weekend. One of my favorite captures is above. The only thing I don’t exactly prefer about this image is that its subjects aren’t reflective of the joy and happiness that this couple embodies. They are an amazing couple.

So in a way, this image is mine. They did what I asked. But as you may see in the images I post later, they are two of the merriest people I’ve ever met.

Since the car was stolen, sleep has been a bit difficult. Jetlag hasn’t made it better. And a few stressful situations have worsened it.

I picked up a cold of some kind. So now I’m dealing with Sudafed head — a technical term for the anxiety heavy headed discomfort from a drug that allows you to breathe when stuffed up.

I have a lot to write about still from our adventures in Paris and the French countryside. I don’t want those thing to get away from me before I get a chance to write about them. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time during the next couple days.

My closest, oldest and best friend from North Carolina is flying up this weekend with his beloved girlfriend, and we’re going to paint Chicago as red as we can while they’re here.

And it’s July. A month that should bring a bit of heat that we’ve long been starving for. And it should bring great things to you as well.

Soak it all up, dear readers.

More soon.