It’s Catordog!


Today’s Catordog submission is from regular-readin’ Petursey and his sweet Miss Molly.

Pete writes:

Little Miss Molly had to have an operation last week..nothing too serious but she’s just about recovered she said send that cute pic taken of her under a desk taken with my iPhone (but then edited via P-shop!)

Thanks for the submission, Petursey!

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Joanne Casey posts the hits

Joanne Casey at I have seen the whole of the Internet posts funny stuff. Here’s a quick collection of some that made me laugh.


Picture of a lost cat flyer with a cat in the shot that looks like the one missing. 


Book cover: Guys can be cat ladies too. A guide for men and their cats. Michael Showalter. 

Got a new car. Chicks love it. 

1017415_10200292425378060_314463390_nImage of a butterfly reads, “I think I might get a tattoo of a fat unemployed woman above my anus.