When someone says “should” this many times, ignore it.

Here’s a really, REALLY stupid article called, “How clothes should fit” which claims to be a how-to for men and clothing.

It’s narrow-minded, ridiculous, and targeting primarily one style of man.

What a base, silly-minded, shit-filled pamper article.

Anyone who says “should” as many times as they do, don’t have your best interest in mind when they are providing information. Here’s a snippet:

About 2cm of shirt collar should be revealed by the jacket collar.

The shoulder seam should lie on the edge of your shoulder. The aim is to reduce the amount of buckling, as the shoulders should have no apparent wrinkles or divots while the arms are down at the sides.

Similarly to shirts, armholes must be sufficiently high, and alternatively should not be cutting into your armpit. The arms should move somewhat independently of the jacket during normal motions.

While buttoned, the jacket should not pull across the chest (fabric making an ‘X’ shape across your abdomen). Similarly, it should not pull across the shoulders when arms are folded.

Holding your hand flat, you should easily be able to fit it inside the jacket under the lapels.

The jacket’s second button from the bottom should lie just above your belly-button, never below.

With your arms at your sides, the sleeves should cover the wrist bone.

If a jacket doesn’t fit your shape properly, sometimes the bottoms will flare out, a product of the jacket being too slim in the waist, so your hips push out the fabric.

A suit jacket’s length – like a good lawyer – should cover your ass

The article should be retitled, “How to dress as a particular kind of man who wants to impress a similarly-minded group of people.”

Or, “How to sell out when buying clothes and dressing yourself.”

Or, “How to look like everyone else.”

Or, “Fit the cookie cutter mold or please immerse yourself in this warm bath. Here’s a box-cutter blade and a sign that shows a bare wrist that reads, ‘Cut along the grain not against it’.”

Just sayin’.


money not well spent



Seen at The Daily Wh.at, which roams around as Cheezburger, they write:

Now that the whole world knows for certain that American taxpayers’ money has been funding the surveillance of citizens and foreign governments, try wrapping your heads around this one: Between 2011 and 2013, U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs spent $630,000 on racking up Facebook “likes.” According to a report recently published by The Office of Inspector General, which was prompted after several Department employees filed a complaint about the expenses, the State Department actively maintains four separate Facebook pages, from which they have accumulated more than 2 million likes over the last two years.

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Rahm and the FBI are hurting this man


Any trip to Michigan Avenue will present you with lots and lots of things to see.

There are shit-tons of tourists, some locals, lots street performers, homeless, beggars, street preachers and conspiracy nuts, like the guy pictured above.

This particular conspiracy nutter butter featured an edited set of signs. Edited not for grammar, but for length. Often, the conspiracy folks have long, hand-written signs that I take photos of to read later.

But this guy, phew. He pushed out a lot of unnecessary words and letters to give us messaging that appears to communicate that the FBI is Rape Headquarters. He also wants you to think the USA has druged [sic] his food and rapes him daily. Notice the effective cross out on the “D” in “raped.”

I’m not quite sure the significance of 4.4.2013.

And I’m not entirely sure how our local dictator Rahm Emanuel landed three Os in dictator.

I also can’t determine why he’s playing that guessing game where he stuck a card on his head and you have to help him guess what he is.

Maybe the rape is happening, because he keeps sitting on fences like the one he’s sitting on.

And maybe his food is drugged, because he forgets that he needs his meds to keep going.

Whatever the case, this image kept my attention and compelled me to grab a photo.

Yay, Science! DNA from a cave in Russia adds a mysterious new member to the human family.

An excerpt from a Nat Geo article called: “The Case of the Missing Ancestor“.

In the back of the cave is a small side chamber, and it was there that a young Russian archaeologist named Alexander Tsybankov was digging one day in July 2008, in deposits believed to be 30,000 to 50,000 years old, when he came upon a tiny piece of bone. It was hardly promising: a rough nubbin about the size and shape of a pebble you might shake out of your shoe. Later, after news of the place had spread, a paleoanthropologist I met at Denisova described the bone to me as the “most unspectacular fossil I’ve ever seen. It’s practically depressing.” Still, it was a bone. Tsybankov bagged it and put it in his pocket to show a paleontologist back at camp.

The bone preserved just enough anatomy for the paleontologist to identify it as a chip from a primate fingertip—specifically the part that faces the last joint in the pinkie. Since there is no evidence for primates other than humans in Siberia 30,000 to 50,000 years ago—no apes or monkeys—the fossil was presumably from some kind of human. Judging by the incompletely fused joint surface, the human in question had died young, perhaps as young as eight years old.

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Found here where Kottke parsed some of the information for you and provides context.