You are a jagoff


Before my friends Aaron and Jackie stopped in over the weekend, I told Tina, “Let’s use the word “Jagoff” as much as we can.

It wasn’t long before Aaron was using it in almost every other sentence. Jackie starting using it, too.

When I first heard locals using it when I moved here in 1999, I kept correcting them. I thought it should be “Jack off.” But it has so much more meaning and use.

It’s a great word that can be substituted for all kinds of different things.

Like, “You’re a jagoff.” Or, “You jagged it off.” Or, “You’re getting jaggy with it.”

Or, “You’re the miggity, miggity mack jaggie.”

Instead of Jackie, she became Jaggie.

As a thank you, Jackie just sent me this sweet ass image of a “I’m with Jagoff” shirt. Which I want to buy and wear until it has holes in it.

Be sure to integrate it into your own vocabulary today.

Thanks, Jaggie!