it’s catordog!


Tina and Talulah have a morning ritual called, “Morning Tickles.”

It’s the most nauseatingly cute part of my day. Sometimes I’m still in bed with them, but most times, I’m at my desk working listening to it from the west wing of the house.

This morning I was with them, and I was able to grab what appears to be Lu laughing hysterically.

A super power lives within a bus



A friend of mine is traveling in Ecuador and grabbed this image with his phone.

He wrote that almost all buses have some sort of religious message on them. This one is interesting, though.

Jesus, the superman, lives in the bus? Lives in the driver of the bus?

I imagine at any given time, there are several guys named Jesus on one of those buses. It must be hard to sell seats if people live in the bus.

The whole “lives inside” idea should be rethought out. Because when a superman lives inside a mere mortal, people tend to expect super things.

Just sayin.

The center of the earth may be made of a forest of huge crystals

Under these extraordinary conditions, the crystal structure of iron-nickel alloy changed and the crystals rapidly grew in size. “We may have very big crystals at the centre of the Earth, maybe up to 10km,” says Hirose.

These crystals would all align “like a forest”, says Hirose, pointing at the poles.

The bulk of the Earth’s magnetic field is generated not in the inner-core but in the molten metal of the outer-core. This acts as a massive electromagnetic dynamo powered by the Earth’s rotation and the long-term cooling of the planet.

More info here.