A super power lives within a bus



A friend of mine is traveling in Ecuador and grabbed this image with his phone.

He wrote that almost all buses have some sort of religious message on them. This one is interesting, though.

Jesus, the superman, lives in the bus? Lives in the driver of the bus?

I imagine at any given time, there are several guys named Jesus on one of those buses. It must be hard to sell seats if people live in the bus.

The whole “lives inside” idea should be rethought out. Because when a superman lives inside a mere mortal, people tend to expect super things.

Just sayin.


3 thoughts on “A super power lives within a bus

  1. I knew a guy who lived inside a bus. He had long hair and a beard and said a bunch of delusional things.
    I’m glad I didn’t piss off the guy to the left of him now that you mention this……

    1. My brother from another country’s mother!

      I’ve been wondering where you’ve been.

      One should always be skeptical of hairy men who live in busses.

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