sensor sensor sensor check. checkity check check, sensor check.


Before most jobs, I do a quick check of my camera sensor to see what kind of dust and lint has accumulated. If there’s a little dust, I’ll get my handy blower out and clean it with that.

If there’s a lot, I’ll go in and do major surgery.

The way I look for dust is I point the camera at an open spot in the sky, preferably without clouds, but clouds are okay. I take a photo and then zoom in about halfway and scroll over the image.

This is a sensor check photo from  a job yesterday. Click to enlarge.

The shot makes me happy. There are people in that plane. And those people come from a variety of places.

One of them might have a broken heart. Another, a new love affair. Another person suffers from a disease. Another doesn’t know it yet.

They all have a little baggage. Some in the overheads. The others have baggage in their minds. Or hearts.

I don’t know that many people who are comfortable with cleaning their own sensors. I’m not exactly thrilled when I wipe something across the thing that is basically the heart and soul of my camera. If you have one spec of something hard on whatever you’re cleaning it with, you could ruin it.

I’m not sure what the cost to replace a sensor is, but it’s not cheap.

I don’t know if you think about the people who you can’t see but know they’re there. I hope you do. And I hope that gives you a sense of place.

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