You can’t make this up: “God, the Rod, and your Child’s Bod.”


Larry Tomczak wrote a power book called, “God, the Rod, and your Child’s bod; The Art of Loving Correction for Christian Parents.

Read more at the link above, including reviews that talk about Tomczak as a sadomasochistic freak who spanked one girl through her young adulthood, forcing her to strip to nakedness and allow him to spank her bare butt with metal and wooden objects.

Over the weekend, Tina and I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s 1972 treasure called “Frenzy.” It’s a bizarre tale about a serial murder spree by a rapist who kills his victims with neck ties and mistaken identity.

There’s one rape scene that’s so wonky that you wonder if anyone knew exactly what sex was back then. The rapist is grunting the words, “Lovely” while the woman screams between his breaths.

There’s one scene where the investigators are discussing sexual predators and sociopaths. One of the investigators says that there are no greater monsters than those who are influenced and justified by religious fanaticism.

This seems to be a common theme.




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