Charlie Rose Interviews Bono

I saw this interview posted to Facebook. The post comes from one of my more liberal believing friends. Religion is something I like to read or hear about. For Bono’s discussion of religion, go to a little after minute 43.

My friend linked to this post from Pastor Donald Miller who discusses the interview. Miller admires Bono because he eschews the title “Christian,” because it’s become a pejorative of sorts. The movement to avoid the moniker “Christian” has become a bit commonplace among the more evangelical right, and it’s a bit ridiculous.

You either are something or you’re not. But whatever, right?

The discussion made me think of this Marketplace story about what’s going on in North Carolina politics right now.

If you listen to the whole thing, there’s a part in which one pastor says that another type of Christian isn’t Christian enough for his Christianity.

This is what blows my mind: that there are levels, types, kinds, rights and wrong ways to do the same thing.

Mind you, I understood it while I claimed to be a believer.

But from the outside looking back, it’s bizarre.